We have a huge selection of top quality genuine leather in dozens of colors and textures.

Contact us if you have something special in mind, we do our best to try and source it for you.

Browse through the galleries below for some of our regularly stocked leather collections.

Sensation Collection

Tanned on premium North American cows, this leather features a beautiful natural milled pebble texture, exquisite feel, and a buttery-soft touch which has a moderate scratch resistance.

Sensation Royal Blue
Sensation Lime
Sensation Brandy
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Romanza Collection

Romanza is fully aniline, hand antiqued leather. Romanza has been hand stained with a combination of subtle oils and waxes, followed by a protective topcoat to give it excellent durability. It is then hot ironed to give it an added finish and opaque look.

Romanza Peacock
Romanza Spice
Romanza Black
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Signature Collection

Signature is a luxurious and soft leather hides collection. Due to its beautifully pronounced natural pebble grain, slightly polished surface and soft and supple hand, Signature is regarded as luxury leather. Utilizing pure-aniline, top-grain leather hides, Signature is unrivaled in its feel and quality. This line of protected leather is known for its excellent durability and brilliance.

Signature Navy
Signature Steel Grey
Signature Cypress
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Laredo Collection

Laredo feels very soft and is meant to show all the natural marks and defects one would expect from a leather after much wear and tear. Perfect material for a more vintage look.

Laredo Taupe
Laredo Plum
Laredo Green
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Matisse Collection

Matisse is a spectacular hand-antiqued leather that is soft and supple. The material is finished on a soft, naturally pebbled premium cowhide with a beautiful two-tone effect.

Matisse Gunmetal
Matisse Sabbia
Matisse Claret
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Perla Collection

Perla is natural aniline dyed leather with a subtle metallic finish. It has a uniform grain creating a very supple, luxurious hand. What sets Perla apart is how different lighting can change its luster.

Perla Gold
Perla Charcoal
Perla Mist blue
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Corinne Collection

Corinne is an aniline protected leather with a subtly stained finish which provides any piece with a sophisticated antique look. This leather is hot ironed giving it a see through and hand-made look.

Corinne Aqua
Corinne Bayou
Corinne Dove
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Natur Collection

Natur is a smooth, pliable leather, with a natural color palette featuring ever-so-slight markings as it beautifully “wears in” to the leather, reflective of the test of time of Italian craftsmanship.

Natur Smoke
Natur Spruce
Natur Bayou
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Specialty Collection

Looking for something unique? Contact us to check our current specialty leather stock.

Many of our hides are limited quantity and are constantly changing. 

Hendrix Blue
Sassari Black
Cognac Vintage Ostrich
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