Confused by all the choices? We're happy to assist you through our process, we just need some information from you to help you get started. Sending us pictures of your ideas is always super helpful!

Visit our Instagram page to gain some inspiration

Our Instagram is the place we post all our works so it is constantly updated with new and interesting designs.

Click here for our Instagram.


3. Choose Leathers

Pick from our in-stock leathers or let us know if you had something special in mind. We carry a range of designer leathers that is subject to availability, and if we don't have something  we try our best to source it for you.


6. Personalize Features

From buckles, linings, handles, and pockets, you can customize your bag to your exact specifications and personality  for ultimate functionality and sophistication.

Click here to view all extra feature options.


1. Pick A Size Set

All our products come in multiple sizes and combinations. Choose which set or size you need.


4. Embellish & Embroider

Bring your creation to life with our exclusive embroidery designs. To see thread options for embroidery click here.

Want something extra unique and personal? We can take your logo, monogram or artwork and turn it into an embroidery file for an extra cost. 


2. Pick a Layout 

We have dozens of different leather layouts ranging from simple to complex. You choose the layout combination of your bag, and then pick leathers to match. 


5. Choose a Font

Personalize your gift with your name which we embroider or engrave onto plaques. We have an extensive Hebrew font collection for any style and taste.

Click here to view our full Hebrew font collection.