Starting prices are determined based on the size and the complexity of the embroidery design. The price chart below is a general guide, a final price will be confirmed with you before payment is processed.
To start on your order please contact us via our whatsapp Business line 718-208-9503
Or call us at 718-247-7211

Torah Mantle Starting at $1500


Meggilah Case


Lulav Case

Esrog Case


Matzah Cover

1ra cost;


Lulav Case: $350

Esrog Pouch: $75 if boguth with Lulav Case

Esrog Case: $200

Megillah Case 

- Soft Cover: $250

-Hard Tube: $275

-Soft Cover with Flap & Handle: $300

Pesach Sets

-Matzah Cover: $275-$300+

-Matzah Cover Sandwich Style (backed with leather): +$50 Matzah Cover price

- Afikomen Bag: $75 if bought with Matzah Cover or $100

-Pillow Case: $275-$300+

Torah Items

Torah Mantle (cover): $1,000 without embroidery

Bimah Cover: $750 without embroidery

Peroches: $1,000 without embroidery

Childrens Torah with Cover: $200

Custom Gifts

Bound Book: $225 plus price of sefer, if 2+ books $200 each

Chayenu/Dvar Malchus Cover: $100+, depending on leather used

Holiday Items